Fine arts

School Band

This is our School Band’s third year! It is composed by middle and high school students. Here the students develop their musical skills following their special interests in instrument or vocals in a safe equal environment. As a team, the members decide in their songs, music style and performances. Showing their skills at our school events.


Choir provides a sense of real belonging, offers new opportunities for learning, and develops new skills, encourages student engagement in our school and our community.

At WALKS WEBS students can be part of the Choir beginning at the 2nd grade level up to high school. This group is specialized in developing their singing skills base in their preferences and abilities.

We perform at the “Tarde puertorriqueña”, Talent Show, Bohemia and other school activities around the year.

Art Club

The Art Club has been part of our school for more than five years. Through the years, the Art Club has created a space where the student can develop their fine art skills based on their unique interest. Most of the students then practice printmaking, photography, digital art, and fine tune their skills on more traditional art such as drawing and painting.

The club also collaborates with the decorations of most of the school activities such as the Talent Show and “Tarde Puertorriqueña”.


For the last four years at the end of February, we celebrate language week culminating with a Bohemia. In this culture activity for the community, the students demonstrate all the fine art skills such as: declamation, poetry, short films, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and singing. The School Band and Choir also participate in this event.