Our WALKS/WEBS Robotics Team is full of engineering, teamwork and problem-solving challenges. Where higher elementary and middle school students build codes, design on Tinker Cad and run VEX IQ platform robots.

Math Club

Our mission is to educate the upcoming generation about mathematics. Not only do we aim to help students become skillful in math, but we also wish to develop in them a sense of appreciation for it.


STARBASE Program is a nonresidential program for students focused on grades 4-8 that provides them with real-world applications of math and science through experiential learning, simulations, and experiments in aviation and space-related fields. The program utilizes instruction modules that can integrate state math and science objectives. A motivational module is included to teach children how to set and achieve goals, take positive action in their lives, and build strong self-esteem.

Space Camp

For more than 10 years our students have been participating in the Space Camp and Aviation Challenge program to encourage science and engineering while having fun.

Please inquire if you want your child to enjoy this awesome experience.


Fine Arts