General Objectives

1-Develop each player individually and collectively, based on the following values: unity, discipline, trust, respect and dedication.

2-Develop an effective physical preparation at the cardiovascular level that allows players to reach the necessary resistance to play at the same intensity level throughout the game.

3-Recognize individual and collective strengths in order to exploit them to the fullest.

4-Identify individual and collective weaknesses in order to develop an action plan to work on these areas and turn them into strengths.

5-Achieve greater team cohesion and attract the entire student community to be part of our family.

6-Execute an effective and coordinated preparation with the objective of achieving our best performance at the beginning of the regular season.

7-Participate in the largest number of school tournaments in the different schools and schools of Puerto Rico.

8-Organize Basketball Tournaments sponsored by the W.A.L.K.S./W.E.B. S., Eagle’s Basketball Program.