Admission Procedures

W.A.L.K.S. / W.E.B.S. School seek to enroll students of good character who give evidence of being able to benefit from a challenging school experience. We strive to develop self-lifelong learners.

Students are admitted on the basis of:

  • Space availability

  • Satisfactory letter of conduct

  • Academic achievement

  • Entrance test results

  • Previous school records

  • Interviews

  • Teachers recommendations

Process for new enrollments (new families)

Before enrolling:

  • Call to coordinate orientation appointment

  • Documents required before enrolling a student

  • Transcription of credits or preliminary notes.

  • Letter of recommendation current school

  • Current school payment history letter

  • Psychometric Test case of Kindergarten and First grade

  • Coordinate appointment for entrance exams and interview with the academic coordinator (the student must have passed the exams with at least 80%)

  • At the time of enrollment

  • Complete the financial contract and pay the corresponding entry fee and tuition.

  • Complete the registration form for new families through Google Form sent by the school registrar.

Before the student's first day of school

  • Bring all corresponding documents for the student's file:

  • Full and official transcript of previous school credits

  • Medical certificate

  • Physical education authorization

  • Laptop use and management document (7th grade and up)

  • Oral Health Certificate (Kinder, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th grade)

  • Results of psychoeducational or psychometric tests if requested

  • 2 Recent student photos (2x2 or wallet size)

The approval of a student depends upon entrance test results, availability of space in the school, a satisfactory conduct report, and academic achievement from the school previously attended. Acceptance of students is based on a full disclosure of the requested information. If it is not given prior to acceptance, the student will be in a provisional admission until the requirements have been fulfilled. On the other hand, if student is asked to withdraw, the school will not refund enrollments fees paid.

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