Our History

A Bit of History - 2019 32th Anniversary

In 1987 Professor Linda Roman established in the western region of the Island, a Pre-School Center that broke with the traditional structures of education. Not satisfied with the achievements in education, in 1997 she expanded its services to elementary education, W.A.L.K.S. (Winnie's Active Learning Kids School), whose bilingual approach devotes equal time to each language (Spanish and English), in order to meet current social and technological needs. With W.A.L.K.S. the vision of teaching institution restructured.

The faculty developed the method of active learning, i.e. a curriculum that matches the capacity and needs of the children as in its developmental stages, where they are provided the opportunity to interact with the environment, people and materials, which is so important for growth and learning. This active learning occurs in a constructivist approach and seeking the holistic development of our students in kindergarten through 8th Grade. She enriched and improved our services by implementing technological resources. Recognizing the importance of the children, as experience and learn about the proper use of computers, in addition to computers in some classrooms, in the Technology Center's, students are trained in the proper use of the computers.

In this time of so many changes in society and in family systems where the formation of a strong character in our children as is essential, this school is based on spiritual, ethical and moral values ​​that emphasize love and respect for the dignity the human being, regardless of race, sex, religion, socioeconomic status or nationality, led by its proposal to be a school of values. It should be noted that when first grade started. Urbanity included as a subject to be in all elementary and intermediate grades. With her children learn good citizenship, study habits, social skills, duties, rights and community service. To do this, the power transmitted their classes with a weekly reinforcing value in weekly periods orientation using existing technology resources. However, she considered the need to increase and update our teaching strategies for both students and for the Parent School. Therefore, the requested equipment to improve our performances is considered necessary.

In the evenings, the School offers different alternatives. Aware of the needs of working parents, afternoon care service that guarantees security and recreation of their children. Activities include crafts, games, videos, recreational activities on the playground and snack. The Homework Supervision Service aims to help the student to complete assignments and answer questions of the day. This service is offered for children from Kindergarten through 12th Grades.

As an additional service, children can participate in clubs such as: Drama, Spelling, Girl Scouts, Choir, Band, Math, Basketball, Volleyball and Catholic Catechism classes. These student organizations/clubs want to develop and enrich the talents, skills and values ​​of all the participants.

The organization has extensive facilities to properly develop the activities planned for the children as from four years onwards. On the first floor are the administrative offices, offices of health services (counseling and nursing), kitchen, dining room and lounge faculty. On the ground floor is the library / technology center. We have twenty (20) classrooms, thirty-five (35) bathrooms, two multi-purpose courts and a large green area for recreation. In 2015 the new addition is our High School building. We continue in expansion and improvement of our facilities.