Our Objectives

Of the Institution:

To offer the western area of P.R. a school that is continuously innovating learning processes and working effectively with new ideas and challenges to meet the needs of the modern world.

To provide a safe and warm educational environment where effective communication and collaboration prevail and a school community that sustains and values accomplishments in service and global conscience. To provide programs and activities which promote family integration and safe recreation to nurture our school community.

With the Learner:

  • Refocusing educational practices towards the individual learner’s needs.
  • Translating critical thinking skills and problem solving skills into an inquisitive learning process.
  • To use technology to convey content more powerfully and efficiently leading education into the future.
  • To provide learners with the historical and cultural knowledge of our present and past in order to prepare them for the future.
  • To encourage learners to be able to solve problems encountered in real-life.
  • Use on-line resources in ways that engage learners and deepen understanding.
  • To develop physical and artistic skills in learners through musical and movement activities.